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The world sees the perfect male body as trimmed and athletic-looking, with broad shoulders, muscular chest, and a flat abdomen. However, as men grow old, fat tends to accumulate around the areas where it becomes difficult to get rid of, like the abdomen, flanks, the breasts, and the chin and neck. This is where liposuction for men becomes useful. Men sometimes seek liposuction to remove these fatty areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.


Liposuction for men: Is it effective?

Liposuction takes out excess fat from the body by breaking them down and liquefying them before suctioning them out of the body. What is left is the skin where the fat got accumulated. Liposuction for men is considered effective since men have more elastic skin tissue, so when the fat gets removed, the skin returns to its normal state, making the surgical area firmer and tighter-looking.

However, there are instances where some men still tend to have some loose, hanging skin. This can happen when a large amount of body fat has been retained for a long time, and the male patient lost all the weight he can lose through exercise. This time, the patient can opt for a traditional excision procedure (surgical skin removal) in addition to liposuction. This can be in the form of a tummy tuck or a breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia.


Liposuction for men: The add-ons

Aside from the skin excision procedure combined with liposuction, there are other surgical procedures that men nowadays request for in combination with liposuction.


Muscle-enhancing surgery: There are plastic surgeons who offer this surgical technique as a complementary procedure to liposuction for men that sculpts the muscles underneath the problem areas like the abdomen or thighs to improve the body contour.

Muscle implant placement: What was once used as reconstructive material for accident and polio victims is now used as a cosmetic implant.  Calf implants create fullness in the lower leg. Pectoral implants, once used to shape the male chest after struggling from Poland’s syndrome, are also utilised to aesthetically contour and muscle-up the existing pecs of healthy men. These implants are now used both for functional and aesthetic purposes.

Abdominal etching: There are also plastic surgeons who recommend a new technique in the liposuction procedure where the abdomen gets sculpted to look ripped and muscular after surgery by selectively transferring body fat on strategic parts of the abs to accentuate its curves.


Men who would like to undergo liposuction should be physically and mentally ready for the surgery since it could definitely impact their lives. Moreover, if some consider cosmetic muscle enhancement on top of the liposuction surgery, they need to keep in mind that these treatments and techniques are still fairly new in the market. Seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon who has received adequate training in these methods so you can be satisfied with the results and prioritise your safety at the same time.

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