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When liposuction re-entered the cosmetic surgery market in the 90’s, it gave men and women around the world hope that, with proper diet and regular exercise, they can achieve the body they have always dreamed of. However, due to its surgical nature, some are still a bit apprehensive about undergoing this cosmetic procedure. Until laser liposuction came into view. Here, we will discover what laser liposuction Brisbane can do and how it can transform your body into the figure you once fantasised about.


Laser Liposuction Brisbane: The brief history of liposuction

The theory on how liposuction works traces back in the 1920s but due to the complications that it caused, the procedure was set aside and lost. It was revived in the 1970s when Italian surgeons invented the blunt tunnelling method that sparked the start of modern liposuction. It ultimately reached its popularity in the 1980s and 1990s when several surgeons all over the world started to come up with their own techniques and approaches on how to surgically remove fat and contour the body. Here comes laser liposuction, one of the newest trends that evolved from the standard liposuction.



Laser Liposuction Brisbane: Its definition and how it works

Laser liposuction, or lipolysis, is a nonsurgical form of fat removal that uses fibre-optic lasers that introduce heat to melt the unwanted fat off the body. This treatment is different from the traditional liposuction that we know as this does not use surgical cannulas to suction the fat off the body through small surgical incisions. In laser liposuction Brisbane, different wavelengths are used to melt stubborn fat on target areas, and this method makes the body produce collagen, a body protein that makes the skin tighter.  This added benefit makes laser liposuction a cosmetic procedure worthy to be famous.


Laser Liposuction Brisbane: Its cost and other important reminders


Laser liposuction across Brisbane has a price tag that ranges from $750-$10500. This price range gives an average laser liposuction Brisbane cost of $5475. Factors that could affect the procedure’s value are:

  • The target body area/s
  • The amount of fat
  • The complexity and length of the procedure
  • The hospital fee
  • The expertise of the surgeon and anaesthetist (if performing major liposuction)

Before deciding to undergo laser liposuction, let your regular GP give you medical clearance so that no medical-related complications will arise during or after the procedure.

Only a few cosmetic surgery clinics can offer laser liposuction in Brisbane to their clients due to their lack of facilities and equipment. Laser liposuction uses a different machine than the traditional liposuction, so make sure that your chosen cosmetic surgery clinic is capable and equipped to perform such specialised treatment.

Laser liposuction is generally advised when you need to remove fat from small body areas. Have your surgeon assess your needs and allow him to recommend whether laser liposuction or the traditional liposuction could address your needs.  Sometimes, the use of both cosmetic procedures brings better results compared to using just one.

There will always be complications present in any cosmetic surgery procedure. The most common complaints patients have with laser liposuction Brisbane is bruising and skin sensitivity after the laser procedure. Skin burns can happen but could also be avoided if an expert cosmetic surgeon gets the job done.

Most importantly, getting your dream body is not the sole responsibility of laser liposuction. The combination of proper and healthy diet and regular exercise is still the key. Treat laser liposuction Brisbane as an assisting cosmetic procedure to get the body contour and silhouette you desire.

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